One day I am an Iranian, another day a Canadian. At one point I belong to nowhere, at another to everywhere. Some days I am a photographer, other days a dancer. Sometimes I do nothing, sometimes everything. At times I am a mother, at others a lover. One moment I am not, another moment I am all there is. The only certain knowledge I posses is that I am, and I am a woman. The photographs in "Echo of Myself" series reflect my personal vision of the subject of identity. They are rooted in feelings of identity-loss and not-belonging with all their mysteries and secrets, emanating a paradoxical sense of sad freedom.

Aaram Bayat graduated from the Iranian Institute of National and Folkloric Dances in Tehran, and from Dawson College, Montreal, in Photography. She also studied Digital Imaging and Sound at Concordia University. She has participated in a number of group and solo exhibitions in Canada and the U.S. Aaram is the founder of Miss Sun Foundation, a cultural and artistic foundation for Iranian women.

Echo of Myself, 1999
Black and white photography