"The deepest of all patterns in the human spirit is one of departure and return and the journey implicit in between."
Laurens van der Post
Lately, I have been thinking about the journey of the spirit, the body passing in one realm and the spirit continuing in another. As one journey ends, another begins. And what remains is what is left behind through time: A photo album, hair, prayer beads, a holy book, and stains, perhaps. "Merge into Nothingness" is made of hair and thread. I started using hair as material in my work because of its durability, its survival through time, like bones and teeth, material that reference a body no longer physically tangible.

Aylene Fallah was born in Iran. In the early eighties, she immigrated with her family to the US where she has been living since. She graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University in 1998 with a bachelor in sculpture and a minor in painting. Aylene's mixed-media sculptures have been exhibited in solo and group shows across the US and in Canada, and she has been reviewed and interviewed widely. Her work explores women's issues from social, political, cultural and historical perspectives grounded in her Iranian roots.

Merge into Nothingness, 2000
Hair and thread, 2 1/2' X 10