Feyzdjou's Boutique, Paris/1996, was a shop filled with her works of over ten years displayed to resemble a Persian bazaar. Boxes, drawers and shelves from floor to ceiling were stocked with works that were numbered and tagged as in a Western shopping center. The Boutique and its "Products" served as a commentary on the status of art as commodity in the late-capitalist society. The Rolls, a series of paintings on canvas sewn together, contain within them her personal history, evidence of a deep engagement with feelings of loss and displacement that characterize the forced migrations of the twentieth century, feelings often rolled up and shelved away.

Born in a secular Jewish family in Tehran in 1955, Chohreh Feyzdjou received her first degree in arts from Tehran University. She then moved to Paris where she studied at Sorbonne and Les ecole des beaux arts and obtained her masters degree. She attracted the attention of the international art world with her first major show at the Jeu de paume in 1994. Chohreh exhibited widely in all major cities in Europe until her final days of struggle with a terminal illness. Upon her death in February 1996, the French government lay claim to all of her art work. The work exhibited here is a rare surviving piece.

Product of Chohreh Feyzdjou, 1996
Installation with painted fabric, metal, paper