I am concerned with issues of gender and sexuality and their interplay with memory and history. In my practice I try to combine the personal, the political and the poetic to create a language for communicating "difficult knowledges" that are inexpressible within the confines of conventions. "Of Shifting Shadows" is a personal return to the turmoiled history I have witnessed. Rather than seeking singular answers, I explore the fragmentary space of individual subjectivities through the processes of living and telling. The layering of visual and audio elements within an interactive hypermedia environment is an attempt to engage the audience in the act and experience of narration.

A cultural and political activist, Gita Hashemi has lived and practiced in Iran, the U.S. and Canada. She started her arts training in the School of Fine Arts in Tehran University, completed her BFA in Visual Arts at CSUN and her MA in Interdisciplinary Studies at York University, where she is a P.D. candidate, presently on strike for accessible and affordable higher education. Gita's multidisciplinary creative practice has taken her to exhibition spaces, theatre halls, film sets and, now, landed her in the virtual world where she explores the complexities of non-linear, hypermediated storytelling.

Of Shifting Shadows, 2000
Hypermedia narrative CD-ROM