This is a series of photographic recreations taking as model the typical pictures of women from the Qajar era (mid-19th to early-20th cent.) in their interior spaces. Shadee carefully reassembles the costumes, make-up and the typical formality of the time, then places something historically incongruent or out-of-place in each photograph: a can of Pepsi, a bicycle, a guitar. The jarring effect of this juxtaposition alludes to the history that is being repeated.

Shadee Ghadirian graduated with a BFA in photography from Azad University in Tehran, Iran. Her interest in history, particularly that of the Qajar dynasty, inspires her photography. Her first solo exhibition was in Golestan Gallery in Tehran. Since then she has exhibited in London, New York, San Francisco, Berlin and Copenhagen. She lives in Iran, and works as a photographer for a number of magazines. Shadee also teaches photography in art institutes in Tehran.

The Qajar Women, 1999-2000
Black and white photography